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July 6, 2006

Okay, now that I’m pretty much done with my cleanse and am in the breaking-the-fast stage, it’s time for me to start thinking about Blogathon! In case you missed it, I will be participating this year and will be blogging for 24 hours (ooOo!), starting July 29. The charity I’ve chosen to blog for is Best Friends Animal Society.

I’ve had some time to think about a good contest, but, in the end I didn’t come with anything good. 😉 Instead, I came up with this:

I have an outfit that is both geek and chic (my motto). During the Blogathon, I will post one basic clue about the outfit every hour on the hour. The first reader who guesses what the outfit is, by commenting on the latest post, wins their choice of:

  • a 1-year gift sponsorship of your animal of choice from Best Friends Animal Society ($25 value and warm fuzzies, to boot)
  • a $25 gift certificate
  • donation of $25 to your charity of choice (must be online donation)

In addition to a choice of the above, I will throw in a brand new copy of Crazy Aunt Mary‘s new album, ‘Sexy Epsilon’. The album is fun, rock/folk music that pretty much anyone will enjoy.

If no one guesses correctly by the end of Blogathon, the prize choice will go to the most generous sponsor. Either way, I will post a photo of myself in said outfit at the end of the 24 hour period. Horribly cheesy, yes, but I’m hoping to raise a good sum of money for animals in need. I’m okay with cheesy if it helps in some small way.

So, are you in? 😀

If so, head on over to to sponsor me! 100% of your pledges will go to my chosen charity, Best Friends Animal Society. Full details, including the official rules, the prizes I’m offering and how to sponsor me are now on my Blogathon 2006 page. Thanks for reading this far!

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