Back in the Swing of Things

July 29, 2006

Great stuff, Agent 24! Thanks for holding down the fort while I enjoyed a little 30 minute nap. I feel great! I might do that again later on. In fact, you can count on that.

Oh, my friend Ronnie gave a great guess in my "Guess-the-Outfit" contest! She guessed a baton twirling outfit. I think that if I were on the other end and getting the same hints, I would have thought along the same lines. But, still, the outfit escapes unguessed. (Is that even a word? Eh, who cares! I’ve been blogging for nine hours already! I get to make up words at this point. :-P)

Good thing it’s already the top of the hour again, ’cause here’s another hint. They’ll get progressively more revealing as the night wears on. Heee. I love puns.

Hint #10: It is a dress.

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