Master Cleanse: Day 4

June 28, 2006

Usually, I wake up hungry, that is, until today. It was a great thing not to want food first thing in the morning, because the only thing I can “eat” is the lemonade and even that was getting old. As for the sea water flush, using a straw and licking a lemon in between gulps works wonders and I no longer dread drinking it before breakfast.

I’ve learned on The Raw Food Site forums that from this day on, you don’t crave food. I think they’re right, but not until late this evening did I stop even thinking about eating. My energy was okay, but it was really hot today and I think I would have felt slightly drained even without doing the cleanse. I feel “light”, as if I could float away. This might sound a little strange, but not having to think about food or when to eat really clears your head. It’s very liberating, actually.

Master Cleanse: Limes are better than lemonsWhile on his way back from work, my husband Kevin called and asked if I wanted some limes to try instead of lemons. I gladly accepted the offer. I tried limeade for my fifth serving and let me tell ya, it’s 100% better tasting. Limes are sweeter and the flavor really goes well with the maple syrup.

According to The Master Cleanser book, limes are allowed in place of lemons. So, I think I will stick to using limes from now on. My best friend is also trying the cleanse (her grandma was the one who told us about it), and as I just found out, started just one day after me! She told me she’s been using limes, as well, and likes them a lot better than lemons. Great minds, eh?

All in all, I feel really good. I mean, considering I’ve only been drinking my food for almost 96 hours. I read that it only gets better from here, and when you’re done even a salad tastes like ice cream. How cool is that?

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