Master Cleanse: Day 1, Breakfast

June 25, 2006

I don’t plan to blog by the hour or meal, but since I just started the cleanse this morning, I figured I’d let you know how “breakfast” went.

Master Cleanse - Smooth Move teaFirst, let me explain how I prepared for the cleanse. Yesterday, I gathered all the ingredients for the lemonade and salt flush. My first stop was Wild Oats where I purchased 20 organic lemons, a bottle of organic cayenne pepper, pure sea salt and the original Smooth Move and Organic Peppermint herbal teas from Traditional Medicinals. Next, I stopped at Trader Joes and purchased the recommended Grade B maple syrup, for a great price I might add. Good ol’ Trader Joes – they always come through!

Don’t worry, I’m working my way up to breakfast. 😉

So, to begin the cleanse, as suggested in the book “The Master Cleanser“, I drank a cup of the herbal laxative tea before bed last night. I’ve read similar journals where people have had pain from taking the tea, but I had no adverse effects, either last night or this morning.

Okay, time for breakfast! But before my first cup of the lemonade, I prepared the sea salt (2 teaspoons) and water (32 oz.) flush and drank it. Uhmm, nasty. I had to gulp it down because my natural instinct is to not drink salt water! It tasted like veggie broth without any flavor. Kevin said he hated seeing me make “unhappy faces”. I hope this part gets easier..

Master Cleanse - ThermosAfter finishing the salt water, I prepared my first cup of lemonade. I am using a tall stainless steel thermos to keep my lemonade in, so I can drink it on the go, if needed. I only had to use a half a lemon for the 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice needed per cup. Then, I added the maple syrup, the cayenne pepper and 10oz. of warm water. The lemonade is really good! I like it warm, but according to the book you can drink it cold, as well.

I found I was really full by the time I had finished the sea water and my breakfast lemonade. The book recommends from six to twelve 10oz. glasses of the lemonade a day, but you can have as many glasses as you like. We’ll see how well I do today with hunger pangs or detox symptoms, as I’ve read that the first few days can be rough.

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