Master Cleanse: Begins Tomorrow

June 24, 2006

Master Cleanse

So, tomorrow I’m beginning a 10-day-long “Master Cleanse”. I was intrigued to try it after my best friend’s grandmother brought it up while discussing nutrition and recommended reading the book “The Master Cleanser” to learn more about it. So, I bought the book (it’s only $6.50) and after reading how easy it seems, and weighing all the benefits, I decided to attempt it.

You might have heard of it by another name: The Lemonade Diet. You also might have heard of it by way of Robin Quivers from the Howard Stern Show. I don’t consider it a diet, however, and am personally doing it to detoxify and give my body a break from digesting solid foods for a bit. Although many people do lose weight during the cleanse, I am not expecting to because I already am at my target weight. Some people who actually need to gain weight, do so after doing this cleanse. Overall, it’s really meant to “balance” you.

I am blogging the entire experience. Don’t worry, though, I won’t go into any gross details. ;-) Hopefully, if all goes well, I’ll make it through all 10 days and on the 11th day, I can begin getting used to solid foods again by drinking fresh-squeezed orange juice. The two days following the fresh orange juice I can begin to eat soup broth and some of the veggies made with the broth. The fourth day following the cleanse I can eat fresh veggies and fruit.

After that, I can begin eating as I normally would, although I do plan to eat more fresh, raw foods from then on. I’ll include some interesting links about the Master Cleanse throughout the full two week period. Wish me luck!

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Rich June 26, 2006 at 12:26 am

I’ve heard of this cleanse before, but never new anyone who actually did it. All the of the drunks and pot heads I used to hang out with would talk about it in an almost hushed, revernt way, they all planned it as some future event that they would use to cleanse their system off all the terrible things they were putting into it on a daily basis.

I’m not making light of what you are doing, that is just my small knowledge experience in that area. I’m curious to see how things turn out for you.


Guest December 7, 2006 at 7:44 pm

I am just starting this tonight! I am totally psyched!


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