Thinking Too Much

May 23, 2006

I am so distracted lately. I have too many projects started. Not all of them are real projects, either. In fact, most of them are in my head and I haven’t created them, yet. I fear I spread myself too thin sometimes. I have actual projects with actual deadlines and then tons and tons of ideas. Sometimes, I get to the point where my brain is so saturated with ideas that I just want to shut down all together. All I want to do at that point is take a nap. Then, because I took a nap I lose precious time in which I can actually get something done. I might even work out an entire project in my head, but nothing ever makes it out of my head and into the physical world. Ugh.

Obviously, I realise this flaw in myself, so I just started a new book titled ‘Getting Things Done‘. I don’t expect it to solve my main problem of “thinking too much”, but I do expect it to help me move all the stuff in my head, out. Most of the reviews and personal accounts I’ve read from people who follow the authors suggestions say it really works. For my brain’s sake, I hope it does.

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