Small Things, Big World

May 8, 2006

Winding through Pebble Beach is a scenic route for tourists and locals alike; it’s called the 17-Mile Drive. There are several points of interest along the way to stop off and learn more about the area. The drive is a large loop through the protected Del Monte Forest and along the coastline.

I’m not usually fond of driving tours, but this one was recommended by our friends who have lived here for many years now, so we gave it a chance. I am so glad we did! We spent just as much time exploring each point of interest as we did driving, so I got to get my hiking time in.

Instead of scenic photos, I’d like to highlight some of the details I spotted along the way. I try and soak up as much as my surroundings as possible and love taking macro photos of the small things that sometimes get overlooked.

17-Mile Drive shell

17-Mile Drive sea foam

17-Mile Drive flower

The rest of the photos I took are available in the photo album labeled 17-Mile Drive.

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