It’s so good, it Hearst…

May 9, 2006

Almost exactly halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco is Hearst Castle. It’s an amazing place, not to mention very surreal at times. Mr. Hearst was neither insane or eccentric, he was just filthy rich and wanted to fulfill a boyhood dream by building this landmark. He spent 10 million dollars to build it, but for him that was only a drop in the bucket considering that was only one year’s salary for him.

After Mr. Hearst died in the 1950’s, the Hearst family gave the castle and its priceless art collections to the state of California, who protects it as a state historical monument. Mr. Hearst had made it clear that he wanted to continue to share the castle with anyone who wanted to see it, so you can tour the grounds and entire compound.

We took the main tour, which gives the broadest sense of the castle and its surroundings. As usual, I took many photos, but some of the indoor shots didn’t turn out so well because they don’t allow flash photography in any of the buildings.

Hearst Castle, La Casa Grande

Hearst Castle, view from the top

Hearst Castle, Roman Pool

All the rest of the photos (blurry indoors ones included.. woo.) are posted in the Hearst Castle photo album. I recommend visiting the castle if given a chance. The architecture and priceless art alone are worth the admission price. More information is available at the Hearst Castle official website.

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