Gomez – Live

May 22, 2006

Binary Blonde with Gomez at Fingerprints in Long Beach

Yesterday afternoon, Kevin and I saw Gomez play live at Fingerprints in Long Beach. Three of the five band members played an awesome 5-song set. They began with ‘See the World’, as well as their title track, from their new album ‘How We Operate‘. They also threw in ‘Revolutionary Kind’ from their second album, ‘Liquid Skin‘, for their old skool fans.

For those of you who don’t know Gomez, they are a UK-based band who released their first album in 1998, titled ‘Bring It On‘. A lot of you might have heard their hit single, ‘Silence’, off of the album ‘Split the Difference‘, which was released in 2004. The accompanying video is filled with Monty Python-esque imagery of the band members singing under water and in a surreal amusement park.

Most recently, the title track of their new album was played on the first half of the Grey’s Anatomy season finale cliffhanger episode, when the outcome of two tense operations are hanging in the balance. Both Kevin and I are big fans (of both Gomez and Grey’s Anatomy), so we recognized the song immediately.

From left: Ian Ball, Ben Ottewell, Tom Gray and myself. Photo by K. Sigmund

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