Earth Day, Every Day

April 22, 2006

In the spirit of Earth Day and my new found mission to use/have less stuff, I’m including the last of‘s Top Ten list to help accomplish that.

Be a minimalist.

We know it’s difficult, but in today’s consumer economy, an easy way to conserve energy is to simply use – and buy – less. Every time you buy something, energy has gone into getting that product to you. So the less you buy, the more you save energy-wise. It’s a simple equation.

This last item on our Top Ten list may, in fact, be the single biggest way to make a dent in the global warming problem. Again, we know it sounds obvious, but buying less things – some of which you just don’t need – changes the energy equation across the board, on every single consumer product. If everyone used less, the impact would be large indeed.

So how about some specific things? Here are a few:

  • Buy in bulk. In short, bulk items use less packaging, which translates into less energy.
  • Buy one of something, not 21 of something. You don’t need 21 pairs of shoes, if one pair works just as well.
  • Go through your closet. Donate or recycle what you really don’t need, then make a pledge not to replace everything you just got rid of.
  • Buy quality products that will last longer. Over time, you’ll obviously buy fewer products that way.
  • Be creative in what you use for work, play and leisure. You don’t always have to buy new products for activities. Re-use in creative ways.

Good stuff.

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quantumdrift November 29, 2006 at 11:48 am

Just stumbled across this post. I totally agree about doing what we can to care for earth. My wife and I have started trying to minimize our consumption as well. We’ve started composting for example, and paying more attention to what we can recycle. We’ve drastically been able to reduce what we throw away, and have been able to donate a lot of stuff to the local second hand store – we’ve found some cool stuff there too. Thanks for writing about this.


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