Feral Cat Caretaking Workshops

March 7, 2006

Now that I’m back home, I will be returning to my normal active volunteering duties, as well as learning about new ways to help animals locally. While researching, I found a great opportunity to learn about caring for feral cats. Check out the class below if you live in Southern California.

Feral Cat Caretaking Workshops
March 2 – April 6

N. Hollywood, CA

BECOME AN EDUCATED AND DEDICATED CARETAKER – meet like-minded people, network and learn how to humanely care for feral/stray cats and kittens. FCC teaches non-lethal humane methods of trap, neuter, vaccinate and return, (TNVR) with special emphasis on humane return and long-term managed care! It is their mission to create understanding, tolerance and awareness of the value of TNR in our communities.

Click here for more information.

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