Feline Fiasco Averted

March 23, 2006

Noni on our bed After a tense few weeks of working things out, two of our kitties seemed to have reached a comfortable zone of feline friendliness (or at least tolerance!). Kanji and Noni are |—| this close to being friends. They sleep on the bed (hence the photo – isn’t she just adorable) and on the living room couch together. They chase each other and even take turns eating, with one waiting patiently for the other to finish. Every so often, Noni still feels like she needs to have me all to herself and reverts to chasing Kanji away, but for the most part she has calmed down around him.

Unfortunately, the feline friendliness factor between Celeste and Noni is still low. They both still hiss at each other and Celeste still hides at the mere tinkle of Noni’s collar. I am trying to stay positive and keep telling myself that she is always the last one to warm up to new things. This is the worst I’ve seen her, though. I’m hoping that by the time the weather warms up, they will all be buds. In the meantime, both Kevin and I are trying to foster a positive atmosphere and continue to play with all of them together, as much as we can.

It’s odd. I’ve heard from a good number of people that adopted an adult kitty from New Orleans and all of them report that the NOLA kitty is very protective (almost overly so) of them, pushy to their other cats, overly dominant and jumpy. Generally, they all have very similar characteristics, including Noni. I wouldn’t take similarities into account on a smaller scale, but the numbers are what started me thinking. I’ve heard this over and over again. Which brings me to my odd thought.. I wonder if the trauma of the hurricane did something to all of these cats to make them behave like this. Anyone feel like researching and writing a scientific paper? Heh, only kidding… sort of.

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Tara March 23, 2006 at 8:45 am

She’s really adorable. My cats Gremlyn and Muffy never got along, they tolerated eachother but you could never call them friends. It’s a shame, I got Muffy to help keep Grem company and they are only a few months apart so I thought it would be fine. Oh well. When Muffy years later moved in with an elderly woman who wanted a cat and treated her fabulously, I think Grem eventually missed her. At least that’s what I’ve told myself.

good luck!


Linda Swanson March 23, 2006 at 11:59 pm

I too adopted a NOLA kitty, Sinatra, from BF Tylertown. In fact, he is our seventh tuxedo cat. As you say, it took some time for him to warm up to the others and yes, he was overprotective towards my husband and me for the first few weeks. After two months, everyone has calmed down and he is now in the middle of “love triangle” with one of our tuxedo females, Seitje (who BTW is a spitting image of your Noni complete with mustache) and two of our other male kitties. Everyone has accepted Sinatra now except for one elderly female. Mina, and she doesn’t tolerate anyone except humans. Kitties are like people — everyone his own personality — and they build their own subgroups within the larger community. BTW–thank you for this blog. It’s great to hear from a fellow cat person. And I just love your Noni. My Seitje is the love of my life :-) and despite showing affection to everyone else — she is my little princess. As you said, there is something different about these Katrina animals — if only they could tell us.


blueyes March 24, 2006 at 9:21 am

It’s great that you could adopt one of the hurricane kitties…and they probably are somewhat tramatized with it all but as you say, we’ll never know. We can just be there for them when they get scared and anxious until they realize it’s okay and hopefully will forget it all. I keep seeing all these beautiful cat photos and miss mine terribly. It may be time to adopt another kitty…


Grace March 24, 2006 at 9:31 am

How big do minature pot belly pigs get? Are they friendly?


lemming April 1, 2006 at 12:02 pm

I brought home Zane from Celebration Station. He is very pushy & needy, but he hasn’t shown the protectiveness of some of the other cats from NOLA. He is very interested in every little noise though.
When he was first introduced to all the other cats. Maple, Buttons, and Lucy all hissed. Maple sounded like a steam train. Zane ignored them. Even when Lucy swatted him from the couch, Zane would just keep walking.
Now, Maple & Zane chase each other. Buttons and he groom each other. Miranda who came in right on the heels of Zane from Oregon is still working out her place.
And a link to a picture of Zane: Zane Picture


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