March 3, 2006

My suitcases are finally empty, laundry is going in full force and I am getting ready for a weekend with my family in-law.

Returning to normal life has been easier than I expected. Although I still feel like I need to constantly be doing something, I am adjusting to my former routines with ease.

I think I finally feel some amount of closure regarding Katrina animals. Sure, there are still lots of animals out on the street in Louisiana, but there are animals out on the street in every city around the world. That’s a much larger issue in and of itself, but I digress.

I can finally let go of the need to go back and help. Although, apparently, I talk in my sleep about cats, giving medication and getting cats ready for transport. So, subconsciously, I guess some part of me will always feel connected and I’m sure come the next hurricane, I’ll be eating my words.

Oh! After looking at all my photos, I realise that I have a few updates regarding some of the animals I mentioned in former posts. I’ll be writing about them in the next few days as I work on getting the photos resized and prettied up.

And speaking of animals.. our kitties are doing okay. Celeste and Kanji have met Noni and it looks like we’ll have to monitor their meetings for a little bit longer. Noni seems to want to have me all to herself and gets defensive when Celeste or Kanji comes to visit. We’ll work on that. Sheesh..

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