Warm Fuzzies

February 23, 2006

I just received an email update from a volunteer who adopted two amazing kitties from us a while back. She also sent some photos of them in their new home!

PumpkinPumpkin is an orange short-hair male and Miss Mew is a black short-hair female. Both of them are FIV+. While Kathy was here at Celebration Station, her main focus was humane cat trapping. One evening, she trapped Miss Mew in one of the most devastated part of New Orleans.

Kathy fell in love with this little girl and adopted her. After finding out Miss Mew is FIV+, she also decided to adopt Pumpkin with her. That’s my favorite part of the story. 🙂

Miss Mew & PumpkinAnd just as a side note, I actually named Pumpkin. He came to us with only an address for a name on his intake form and was one of the first 15 cats to be housed here at Celebration Station. He has a shortened tail because it had to be partially amputated, and it reminded me of a stem… okay, not so original considering he’s an orange cat, but he doesn’t seem to mind!

Here is the caption that goes along with Pumpkin’s photo (left): “‘I’ve found my forever home.’ Pumpkin, my new companion, whom I adopted from New Orleans Katrina rescue.”

Here is the caption following Miss Mew’s photo (right): “This is Miss Mew whose new name may be Ariel, Ayla, Meisha, or Jasmine (any votes?)…she hasn’t decided yet. I rescued her from the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans and then adopted her.

She is full of spunk and fire, fearless, loves thunderstorms and lightening, is now having her kittenhood and scampers/turns flips/skids/plays all day long especially with Pumpkin, swats at everything and everyone, loves to knock the large metal dog water bowl making it gong and resonate over and over.

She also makes the bowl rock and spin and then likes to drink from the churning water…a hurricane Katrina effect? A normal teenager, she mews a tiny kitten meow and growls like a grizzly while arching her back…all in the same sentence.

Her favorite place is this computer chair where she squishes herself in between my back and the chair back and cuddles there when I’m sitting. The other cats accepted her immediately b/c they were so entertained by her constant acrobatics.”

Receiving updates like this makes it all worth it. Thank you, Kathy!

Photo credits: Kathy Landry

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