Stress Mess, Part II

February 20, 2006

The environment here has become even more stressful as the days tick down and we are pushed harder and harder beyond our limits. We have about 6 days to transport all the animals out of this facility before we have to take down everything in this building. Personally, I know we’ll get it done, but some people are having trouble coping with the pressure and it is adding unnecessary strain on the rest of us.

This experience has been such an eye opener for me, in so many ways. Humans and animals show their real selves when in this type of situation and it has helped me learn so much about how to deal with them better. I consider myself a more rounded person because of it and I hope to continue to utilize what I have learned in future dealings with both humans and animals.

Most importantly, I have learned a lot about my own limits. I learned that I have very little patience with ignorant people. I learned that I have no patience working with people who have a martyr complex or burn-out syndrome (and don’t take advice to take care of themselves or refuse to recognize the issue).

I learned that I want to sleep a lot when faced with unnecessary drama or overly-dramatic people. I learned that far too many people like to create unnecessary drama. I learned that people who don’t do their jobs well like to tell other people how to do their own jobs. I learned that when faced with a job to do, I will do it, no matter what time it is or how many hours of sleep I am running on.

I could go on and on, but it would take too long to list all of what I have learned during these 2 1/2 months. I am grateful for all of it, however.

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