Good Things

January 25, 2006

So much good is happening. It’s amazing what a bunch of like-minded people working together can accomplish. For a while there were some kinks in the operations here at Celebration Station, but I feel like things are starting to get smoother every day.

Cat in dog trapI’ve been here (this trip) for over a month now. Knowing that we only have a little over a month to save the rest of the animals out there leaves me feeling apprehensive, but I know that we can’t save them all. We receive a large number of friendly cats everyday, which is truly amazing to me. Considering that they have been out on the streets for over 4 months now, in awful conditions, and end up purring in your arms totally blows me away.

I hope someone somewhere writes up a study on these animals that have been through this experience. I know there will be studies on humans, but a study on these animals would be fascinating as well.

As for updates from the Station, we are completely full with dogs and cats! But, a lot are scheduled for transport to loving homes. Doodles the duck was adopted and she is now living on a 5 acre sanctuary with other domesticated ducks, among other barnyard animals. The cockatoos were also adopted, as well as the fish and turtle, but not to the same person!

I went out trapping last night and we caught a dog and a cat. The cat was in a dog trap (in the photo above), which is not that unusual around here! I hope to go out again tomorrow evening, but it all depends on the amount of sleep I receive. As of now, I am running on 5-6 hours a night.. eww. It’s okay, though, most of the stuff I do I can do in my sleep now. And most days I almost have to! 😉

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