January 19, 2006

Doodles and ChandraSo much happens here in the course of one day. I wish I wasn’t so exhausted at the end of the day to write about it, but I am going to try and write up something everyday from now on, even a sentence or two, or I feel this experience will pass by me.

I’m going to play some catch-up in this entry as I fill you all in. We’ve become a zoo! Several days ago, we rescued a pet duck named Doodles and set up an area for her to swim and play in. She’s extremely friendly and loves hanging out with all of us. We also have several other rescued critters, including a dwarf rabbit, 3 cockatoos, a slider turtle and fish. I can’t forget to mention Red, who is a very special and sweet dog. Red has no use of his back legs and would pull himself around by his strong upper body to play. Just two days ago, however, he received a set of wheels that make him able to play and romp with the other dogs here. It is such a joy to watch how happy he is. Despite all that he has been through, he has retained his sweet demeanor and has won over everyone here.

Red with his wheelsAs for the kitties, we have over 100 cats now at Celebration Station and more are trapped or surrendered everyday. Those numbers don’t include the feral cats which we trap, spay/neuter and return. A food and water stop is created after we return a feral to its area, so even if the area is demolished from Katrina, they will have food and be in an area where they feel comfortable away from humans. It’s a great program and very needed for this entire area, as the numbers of unaltered feral cats are enormous. Just this evening, Sara and I went out into the city late to release 6 feral cats back at the address they were trapped. It was amazing to see them sprint off into the darkness, knowing just where they were going because they knew they were back home.

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