Brief Update

January 2, 2006

My laptop is on back order, so I hijacked a computer here to give a quickie update. 🙂 My time here has been super busy and mostly hectic, but the whole operation is going really well and getting smoother by the day. The facility is great and we are getting in cats everyday. All the processes are running very well and things will be moving quicker in the coming weeks.

New Year’s Eve in New Orleans was awesome! I loved my time off for the evening. A group of us went to the French Quarter, specifically Bourbon Street, and hit a few bars while enjoying the festivities. I have lots of photos, but until I receive my laptop, I won’t be able to upload them. Soon though!

Be sure and visit my new renter,, as well as my former renter (whom I couldn’t promote at the time!), Miss Ann Thorpe.

I’ll try and grab some free time later this week to give a more in-depth update.

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