Kanji’s Big Day Out

December 7, 2005

Kanji Post-VetOur little boy, Kanji, had to go to the vet today. For the past three days, we have noticed him obsessively chew and lick his front left paw. He was also favoring it while sitting up.

Yesterday evening, I had Kevin hold him while I took a good look around the paw pads and what I found did not look good. Just from eyeing it, I knew it was infected and inflamed and knew it would not get better on its own.

So, off to the vet he went. Sure enough, he had some sort of bacterial infection from playing/stepping in something. We are at a loss of what he could have gotten into, because both of our kits are indoor 24/7.

Renew New Orleans braceletThey cleaned him up and put a bandage on his foot. He hates it, and unfortunately, it needs to stay on for an entire week. He was also prescribed Clavamox (a liquid antibiotic) – two whole bottles of the stuff! Poor guy.

When I arrived home, Kanji in tow, I was pleasantly surprised to find my Renew New Orleans bracelet waiting for me in the mail. 100% of the net profits are being donated to local Greater New Orleans charities.

Having spent a week there and witnessed the total devastation, while meeting a few of the locals who were trickling back into town, for those reasons and more, New Orleans will always have a place in my heart and I feel compelled to support the rebuilding of such a unique city.

Mom & Cat: If you read this and feel you might buy a bracelet, don’t! 😉

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