Heading Out Now… Again!

December 14, 2005

I’m heading out now to catch my flight to New Orleans for my second pet rescue tour. Check back here tomorrow for the first of my (hopefully) daily cell phone photos. As during my prior trip, I will attempt to send one photo per day.

Remember that a lot goes into rescue work, for both people and pets! Donations and volunteers are still needed and will be for some time. Just because our government has turned its back on the Gulf region, doesn’t mean we should follow their lead! Imagine if this was your city. Imagine yourself in their shoes for just one day and then do what you feel is right in your heart.

Katrina - Never ForgetHurricane Katrina was a horrible tragedy, and like 9/11, it needs to be remembered and learned from. Please don’t forget what happened in the Gulf region, and don’t let your friends and family forget, either. This holiday season, remember the people and animals who are living without electricity, running water and a warm home. If you can, donate your time to help your fellow Americans in the South. If you can’t donate your time, then donate your money to help someone else donate their time.. for the Red Cross, for Animal Rescue New Orleans, for Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, for Habitat for Humanity.. for all the little guys, too, like Alley Cat Allies, who are doing just as much, if not more, than some of the larger charitable organizations.

They haven’t forgotten and neither will I.

I can never forget, not after what I’ve seen. Not after the despair and heartbreak I have witnessed, and on the flip side, the tears of utter joy a person cries when they find their beloved pet – sometimes, that pet is the only hope left they have in this world. Please, don’t forget about this horrible tragedy.. and offer your help to make things right again. Our government is content to stay out of the picture, they have made that crystal clear… So, now.. what happens next is in your hands. Will you let the government forget? I sure as hell won’t.

::steps down off her soapbox::

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