Alley Cat Allies says “Thanks”

December 1, 2005

I’ll let this speak for itself:

Alley Cat Allies - Thank You

(You may click on the image above to view the page they link to.)

I cannot even express how wonderful it was to have volunteered with such an amazing organization. Alley Cat Allies really does care about the animals they help. Compared to the HSUS or ASPCA, they are a teeny organization, but I bet they helped more cats, including feral cats (which are the ones usually forgotten), than all of them combined.

Everyone I encountered while at their base camp in Louisiana was amazing. Even though our days were long and exhausting, everyone kept each other’s spirits high and supported each other when things got rough. I am honored to have spent a week of my life volunteering for Alley Cat Allies. The experience is something I will never forget.

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