A Stress Mess

December 10, 2005

Is anyone else stressed out? I am totally friggin’ stressed out. Finals are on Monday and I have plenty of stress-inducing studying to do, which by the way, I haven’t even started yet. Beyond that, I basically have to get everything I need done before the holidays, done NOW, before I leave for New Orleans on Wednesday. I arrive back home on the 24th, too late to send holiday cards or clean/plan for holiday get-togethers.

Today, I had to get all my dishrag duties done: a buttload of laundry, dishes, cleaning bathrooms, the cat box, and general tidying. I still have to pack for New Orleans, which shouldn’t be too hard considering I didn’t completely unpack from my last trip. Tomorrow is booked, so I doubt I’ll get any study time in. Plus, I’ve had such lousy sleep that coffee isn’t even helping..

I feel like just one big, tired, twisted-up stress ball. Bah humbug.

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