Two Weeks Ago..

November 22, 2005

Exactly two weeks ago I returned from Louisiana.

I still think about my experience daily and feel as if I should be back there, helping. I’m much less shell shocked now, though I still have nightmares when I sleep lightly enough to remember them. They all involve animals, mostly cats, and they all are similar. I feel guilty about “abandoning” the animals we took care of before I knew the outcome of their illness. I also feel helpless to help them being so far away.

It is these nightmares that tell me I need to go back to find closure and to continue where I left off.

So.. you guessed it. I am already trying to figure out a way to go again after my classes end in December. I wrote to a coordinator from Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO) to see if they are still reimbursing travel expenses for vet techs. If they are, then I hope to leave on December 14th and stay until December 24th. Yup, 10 days! 10 whole days to help!

I hope I will receive thumbs-up from ARNO to go back. I will keep you guys updated on any news, good or bad.

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