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November 29, 2005

The following are some of the more interesting or unusual search strings and words people used to arrive at my site within the past week. Copied “as is” from my logs.

Comments in parentheses are mine. 😉

  • blonde’s birthday (this blonde’s bday is Sept. 17th)
  • blonde 8th
  • xhtml 1.0 valid
  • Animalrescueneworleans.com. grass roots animal disaster (long enough for ya?)
  • volunteering grass roots new orleans (w00t!)
  • trailer chic (???)
  • crabitat
  • “damned if I do, damned if I don’t” (tell me about it)
  • Katrina “animal rescue” blog (w00t!)
  • valid XHTML images
  • jackson animal rescue league glossary (eh?)
  • erics animal rescue (who dat? heh.)
  • can the amont of water you give it a day effect the growth (???)
  • friday blonde (Yahoo! search)
  • cow binary kansas city (???)
  • tired chic (le yawn)
  • I’m not leaving my pets +Katrina (w00t!)
  • petsitter (I miss mine..)
  • geek + binary watch (have you tried thinkgeek.com, yet?)
  • cloth diaper services Princeton NJ (???)
  • muttshack la
  • Blondes doing it (ugh!)
  • blonde 30 (Google UK ???)
  • errands etcetera (Google UK)

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