A Second Pet Rescue Tour

November 23, 2005

I figured you should be the first to know (after Kevin, my mother, Audrey, Cat and Jonathon, of course). I just booked my flight to New Orleans for a second pet rescue mission.

Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO) has confirmed it will reimburse my travel expenses (ie plane ticket and rental car). However, this time around I need to pay for my food, lodging and gas for 10 days. I arrive there on December 14th and depart on December 24th. It was an easy decision (to go back), but it will be tough leaving my family for so long.

Unfortunately, I won’t be volunteering for Alley Cat Allies again, but there are plenty of animals that need help.

All the groups over there need volunteers, for BOTH animals and people. Even if you can’t go over there yourself, please find a way to help this holiday season. If you can sponsor someone to go on your behalf, that’s even better! In addition to financial help that is still needed, VOLUNTEERS, warm bodies, with hands to help are needed the most.

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