50 Cats Rescued from Bulldozer

November 19, 2005


Alley Cat Allies (ACA) rescued 50 cats on Wednesday, November 16th from a trailer park in Kenner, Louisiana (near the New Orleans airport). FEMA plans to bulldoze the park in order to put up trailers for displaced Katrina victims. People, many of whom are disabled, are still living at the trailer park, and now face being displaced themselves. They have to be out by today, November 19th.

The 50 cats rescued were tame and able to be put in carriers. A total of approximately 100 animals including dogs, bunnies and many more cats are still in need of rescue there.

Please contact FEMA at FEMAOPA@dhs.gov, (202) 566-1600, and Governor Blanco’s office at (866) 366-1121, Fax: (225) 342-7099, and insist that they rescue and provide care for the people and animals currently living at this trailer park.

Given the surge in animals at their base camp in Bogalusa, Louisiana, the need for volunteers and caregivers for Alley Cat Allies has grown. Please email Bonney Brown if you can help at bbrown@alleycat.org.

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