Two Years Ago, Today

October 25, 2005

I suppose since this is my blog, I am permitted some leeway when it comes to personal (mushy!) posts. So, today I’m using that leeway, because it is a very special occasion.

Second Anniversary coupleToday is our 2nd wedding anniversary. My husband, Kevin, and I were married at sunset during an outdoor ceremony, at a location up in the hills of the San Fernando Mountains. The sky was as gorgeous as most southern California sunsets get, but because of the fires that were blazing nearby, the orange, purple and pink colors were brighter and bolder than usual. It was stunning.

Only our closest friends and family were there, a total of 83 people. It was the perfect amount, few enough to feel warm and cozy, yet plenty to have a fabulous party. I will always have fond memories of that day.

I know that Kevin and I will create many more fond memories, though. We have learned and grown much in these two wonderful years, and I’m sure there will be many more lessons to come and much more growing to do. I am so happy that we will experience it all together.

My favorite lesson so far? It is that love is the best gift in the world; never take it for granted.


Our Wedding Day


Credit – Dolls: Me, Base: PPKH, Photo: Princess Bride Photography

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