The Worst of It

October 13, 2005

I’ve been reading everything I can get my hands on regarding volunteers in Louisiana assisting with the pet rescue efforts and what they’re experiencing. What I came across had me holding a lump in my throat.

I fear when I arrive in Louisiana, I will see the worst of it. Animals that are still trapped in houses or roaming the streets, all severely starving and dehydrated… or worse.

Personally, I do my best work in difficult or emergency situations, so I know when I go, I will be so focused, I won’t have time to let my emotions take over. My fear, about seeing the worst of it.. is that the images that I see will haunt me after I return home. They will creep up from my subconscious, after my adrenaline isn’t fueling my tunnel-vision on getting things done.

It’s a risk that I signed up for, I know, and a risk I’m willing to take. In addition to the immediate help I will be providing, volunteering with Alley Cat Allies for a week in post-hurricane conditions will make me stronger and better able to assist in future disaster situations, too.

Having said all that, you might be happy to know (I sure am!) that things are being done to prevent anyone from having to take this specific risk ever again.

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