Puny Illness Overtaketh

October 20, 2005

Short of having a raging fever, I think I have a cold. And since my life can’t stop for a puny little cold, I’ve been trying to function without taking cold pills, because, while they help relieve symptoms, they also leave me sleepy and loopy. I took something for the coughing, but that’s it. I also make sure to wash my hands after I blow my nose, and before I touch any of the laundry I’ve been folding. It makes the process very slow, but at least I know I’m trying my best not to spread any cold germs.

Tonight, Kevin and I have plans to go see some friends of mine at a small benefit concert, being held in a local music hot spot. He asked this morning if I still plan to go. Hell yes! This cold will not win, dammit.

Anyway, after I finished the laundry, and sat down to start researching an article I need, I realised our internet was down. So, of course, I call up Kevin and have him call our internet provider (me having to blow my nose every 2 minutes would probably get annoying). He calls back and tells me they are, in fact, having issues.

Super. The day I stop procrastinating and start to research my papers, the internet is down. And, as if that wasn’t enough, I think the cold is winning… It’s time to break out the cold pills. I’m not going to be able to concentrate, but with no internet, it doesn’t matter!

(For those wondering how I typed this up without a connection: It was saved in Notepad for when the internet decided to grace me with its presence.)

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