Keeping Your Pets Safe on Halloween

October 27, 2005

Halloween is a fun time for humans, but not necessarily for pets. Please follow these tips, and share them with others, to help keep all pets safe this Halloween.

  1. Protect your pet on Halloween by keeping her indoors. A pet that is out at night with trick-or-treaters might get spooked by noise and costumes, which could cause her to run off and get lost.
  2. All cats should be kept indoors at all times; however, if you have a solid black or solid white cat, you should be especially careful about keeping her indoors on Halloween. If possible, try and keep her indoors for a week before and a week after Halloween, for adding safety. Some people are superstitious about cats and may try to scare or harm her.
  3. Keep your pet confined and away from the door while you are greeting trick-or-treaters at your home to prevent her from darting outdoors.
  4. Your dog may feel that his territory is being invaded by the constant onslaught of visitors. Keeping your dog in a secluded area of the house will help him stay calm and prevent him from growling or possibly biting your visiting ghouls and goblins.
  5. Keep Halloween candy out of your pets reach, because it can make your pet very ill. In fact, chocolate and raisins can be fatal to dogs!
  6. Celebrate Halloween with your pet by giving him goodies that are made especially for her species, like dog biscuits or cat treats.
  7. If you are considering giving a black or white cat as a gift to celebrate Halloween, please either give a stuffed animal or a gift certificate to your local animal shelter, instead. This will allow your friend or family member to select just the right cat (or other pet) for them.

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