Desperate Plea for Volunteers

October 29, 2005

Anyone who is able-bodied can help. Efforts to rescue pets in New Orleans are NOT over! They especially need rescue personnel, vet techs and in-state vets. Please help or spread the word to anyone who will get up and GO!

Visit for detailed information.

Please crosspost!!

Edit: ARGH! I am so frustrated. I’m angry that the media isn’t still following pet rescue efforts over there. It’s like it doesn’t exist except if you’re in the middle of it all and reading the posts, getting the emails, etc. (which I am right now, and I am the only one to blame for that!).

I cannot stress this enough. People who love animals and are willing to volunteer for a few days should just go! If you can’t go to New Orleans, post this information in your blog. Tell a friend! Crosspost on whatever list you’re on. More info: &

All I can say is that I cannot get over there SOON ENOUGH and start helping. Only 2 more days!

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