How and Where to Volunteer!

October 30, 2005

While reading the craigslist postings about people who want to volunteer for pet rescue, but aren’t sure how or who to volunteer with, I slapped together some basic information on the groups that are actively rescuing pets in New Orleans.

Check out the information below for pet rescue in New Orleans and the grassroots rescue groups that are currently active in the region. Please note that volunteers must finance their own travel costs.

    CONTACT: Jim, OR Pilara Felgate,; 240-482-1980Only cats! They are assembling a CAT TRAPPING TEAM to capture the cats in the city and reunite them with guardians. Once that task is completed, they will trap other cats in areas marked for demolition.They need:
    People experienced with cat trapping.
    People experienced with cat handling.
    People skilled in caring for cats.They provide food and water, but volunteers need to bring everything else. Arrive self-sufficient, prepared to camp. They have a base camp on private land in Bogalusa, LA, located an hour north of New Orleans. They drive down to the city to trap for the day and return with the cats to the base camp. They will be in the region until the end of the year. A list of items is on their website.
    CONTACT:Volunteers need to provide own food, water and shelter for their entire time there. They are situated in the Winn Dixie parking lot in New Orleans. They will be in the region until all animals are accounted for. I received word today (Oct. 30) from a friend who is volunteering with the Winn Dixie group that their cat manager (just one lady) has been there for 3 weeks and is very burned out. She has been just feeding and watering the cats, including some feral cats.
    CONTACT:Volunteers need to provide own food and water. On-site sleeping accomodations can be arranged. They are located at the Lake Castle School in East New Orleans, LA. They will be in the region until all animals are accounted for. More information and contacts are located on their website.
    CONTACT: Brenda, OR Kate, katedanaher@animalearthhuman.orgVolunteers need to own provide food, water and shelter for their entire time there. They are situated on Magazine Street, in a parking lot, in New Orleans. They have a FEMA tent to offer for sleeping accommodations. They will be in the region until all animals are accounted for and have more information on their website.
  • LA SPCA (
    CONTACT:They are the local humane society and are running on a skeleton crew. Most of their employees left and are not planning to return. They allow the other groups listed to do what they need to do and don’t bother them. I am unsure of what the specifics are regarding volunteering with this group, but they have information on their website.

Permission to copy, crosspost is granted and encouraged!

Oh, and seriously here folks, vet techs and vets with a Louisiana license are in crucial shortage. As far as I know, I will be the only vet tech student there in any of the animal groups.. yikes.

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