Animal Rescue: New Orleans, Louisiana

October 21, 2005

Cat recently rescued from the SuperdomeI received word yesterday that animals are still being found alive, though barely, in houses in Louisiana and surrounding areas. Yes, you heard that right. Animals left behind in New Orleans by their evacuated families are still being found barely alive in their homes, and there are more than 1,200 homes yet to be searched! These are homes that are known to have animals left behind when their human families evacuated.

Although they are hopeful that many of the pets that were trapped in these homes have made their way to safety, rescuers are still finding animals clinging to life and desperate for rescue. These pets cannot turn doorknobs, cannot open water bottles, cannot dial 911, yet some have managed to survive. There is no way to know unless each home is searched, and time is running out.

Help is still needed. If you can volunteer, please visit Kinship Circle and click on ‘Volunteer Opportunities’ or visit Alley Cat Allies Volunteer page and fill out the bottom portion of the form. If you can’t volunteer, donations are still needed. Anything you can spare is greatly appreciated.

Also, if you have some tissues nearby, listen to a Nashville tribute to Katrina’s animal victims.

About the photo:
Rescued from the Superdome more than a month after the hurricane hit, this cat was likely left behind when his person was evacuated but not allowed to bring the pets they had brought with them. Credit: Alley Cat Allies

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