September 13, 2005

Best Friends sent this out today regarding the Best Friends Catnippers clinic I volunteered for on Sunday, September 11th:

“Everyone congratulate Catnippers on a record-breaking clinic! The feral cat spay/neuter count on March 28th broke records at 110. Sunday’s count: 146! I�ve never seen anything like that before!! They run a tight ship and it was amazing to be a part of.”

I assisted with recovery, along with a DVM, giving reversal shots and monitoring post-op temperatures of all 146 feral cats. I was the only vet tech out there, so I taught people who had never done tech work how to take temperatures and restrain the cats as they were waking up. It was both amazing and extremely exhausting. I was on my feet for almost 9 hours straight and, literally, only had three breaks to use the restroom and a minute or two to shove some pretzels down my throat and gulp some apple juice.

Of course, being the sucker for volunteering that I am, I can’t wait to do it all over again! :surprise:


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