Study Procrastination

September 18, 2005

Tomorrow I take two tests: one in my Applied Animal Nutrition class and one in my Feline Management class.

The test in Feline Management is going to be a breeze because it’s identifying all the cat breeds. Pssh! Super easy. The Animal Nutrition test is the one I’m slightly worried about and therefore am writing this entry to procrastinate studying my notes. Heh! 😉

For those of you who’ve taken a Human Nutrition/Health class, imagine that, but 5x the work, because there are so many species of animals. To help learn all the info, I retype my notes, which sounds sorta anal, but it works.

Anyway, you can impress your friends at parties with this little nugget: did you know that a cow doesn’t have four stomachs, just one stomach with four compartments?

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