Post-Rita Update on Pets in Disaster Areas

September 26, 2005

Blah.. I haven’t had time to read the news until tonight. I’ve been trying to catch up with what’s been going on with the animals still needing rescuing in Louisiana, and now, Texas. Apparently, Rita re-flooded most of New Orleans, in addition to flooding several places in Texas and western Louisiana for the first time.

The shelter, St. Francis in Tylertown, where Best Friends Animal Society is set-up, weathered Rita just fine, although it was sketchy for a while there. Also, Humane LA, whose shelter is located down the road from Best Friends St. Francis, had this to say:

“Despite the bitter blow of yet another hurricane ravaging the Gulf Coast, our Tylertown shelter has thankfully been spared from any wind damage or flooding, although the rain and winds have made conditions less than pleasant…”

Best Friends went out the day after Rita hit land to search for more animals still hanging on. In addition to Best Friends, several other animal welfare places, including Noah’s Wish, the ASPCA and countless other local animal shelters, are still going out day after day to rescue dogs and cats still surviving in the aftermath of the two hurricanes.

There are still *thousands* of animals that still need rescuing, especially now because of Rita. All of the above places that are rescuing animals are still continuing to collect donations, as the need is still very great.

To read more (many more!) stories and news, please visit Best Friends – Special Reports.

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