Le sigh..

September 9, 2005

So.. I gave my 2 weeks notice at the cat clinic. It’s just too far from where I live. The gas and time it requires is more than I can give right now. I’m both sad and relieved. Sad because it truly is the best job I’ve ever had, mostly because I just love being a vet tech, but also because it’s all cats! Relieved because I won’t be stuck in traffic for over an hour anymore and that time can be spent on homework, which I am desperately behind with.

I am already looking for another job closer to home. There are several openings, for which I will apply for this weekend. I’m glad I can offer such good experience with cats, since in the veterinary world, cats are the most difficult animals to treat, handle, groom, etc., etc.

Speaking of cats.. I am volunteering my skills at the monthly Best Friends Catnippers clinic this Sunday. I am doing it in memory of Sophie, my forever cat who went to Rainbow Bridge on September 11th, 2002. The clinic’s goal is to spay and neuter as many feral cats as they can in day. Of course, the more volunteers there are to help out, the greater amount of kitties they can sterlize. This will be my first Catnippers clinic and I am so happy I can offer my vet tech skills. Hopefully, I can take a few pics and post them.

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