Katrina Animal Welfare Alerts

September 4, 2005

With the victims of Katrina in our thoughts and prayers let us not forget the animals, too.

Louisiana and Mississippi Shelters and Rescues checking in:

  • MS ARL (Mississippi Animal Rescue League) is completely full with animals. They have no electricity or water at this point and are getting by on tubs and 55-gal drums that they were able to fill with water prior to the storm. They are also staffing the State Fair Grounds where they are caring for 147 animals from evacuees. They are fine for food supply at this time but have a need for animal care supplies (bowls, leashes…), water and manpower.
  • CAAWS (Capital Area Animal Welfare Society) of Baton Rouge, LA, has checked in and is fortunate and doing well.
  • Animal Rescue Foundation in Lafayette is doing well.
  • Roicy Duhon Animal Control Center in Lafayette report that they are fine and having no major problems.
  • Community Animal Rescue & Adoption in Jackson, MS have fared well. They are fully operational and now have water and electricity. They have taken in a number of animals from people who evacuated their homes and they hope to return them to their owners soon.

Louisiana Rescue Groups have checked in:

Many updates to report on animal welfare efforts in affected areas:

New Orleans pets evacuated to Texas as part of interagency agreement between Houston SPCA and New Orleans SPCA
From Lou Guyton, Director, HSUS Southwest Regional Office & Spay Neuter Clinic and Animal Wellness Center

“I have just been asked to stage an animal transfer in the DFW area with approximately 145 animals from the New Orleans shelter. New Orleans arrived in Houston this morning and they are currently sorting through the animals to establish what can be brought further inland and what must go back to New Orleans or be held in Houston. It looks as if the Louisiana folks will be bringing them here on Tuesday morning. Their entire shelter was evacuated and while a few animals went to Baton Rouge, the abundance of them (300) came to Texas as the New Orleans SPCA and the Houston SPCA have interagency agreements during hurricane events.”

For a comprehensive listing of animal rescue organizations in affected areas, please follow these links:

Also, additional links and resources can be found at: Hurricane Katrina Resources and Links of Interest.

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