Hurricane Katrina

September 1, 2005

I’m so horribly emotional lately about all the stuff going on with Hurricane Katrina. While listening to the radio or reading online news and blogs, all I can do is cry. Living all the way out here in California, I feel hopeless to help. I wish I was *there* to offer my skills as a vet tech and experienced animal volunteer. Even though I can’t assist physically, I know there are many other ways to help, one of them is to spread the word.

I did donate money to my two favourite animal charities: Best Friends and Noah’s Wish. I am also already planning to attend the Noah’s Wish Volunteer In-Field Training. There are many of these trainings planned for 2006, check to see if there is one near your neck of the woods!

Something you can do that doesn’t require money is find websites and blogs of those who live(d) in the affected regions and leave encouraging and hopeful comments. Sometimes, just knowing someone out there cares brings hope to those in harms way.

Also, I found an interesting website for those of us who have veterinary skills: Veterinary Medical Assistance Teams. I’m still doing research about how to join and what happens after that, but it seems like something I can definitely get behind.

Anyway, I’m compiling a list of charities, both for humans and animals, that you can donate to. Also included are other resources I’ve come across in my research. It will be available here: Hurricane Katrina Charities and Resources.

Psst! Pass it on!

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