September 29, 2005

Oddly enough, because I haven’t had a job the past two weeks, I’ve been very productive. I thought I would be mopey and depressed going back to being a stay-at-home wife (hereafter known as a “dishrag”). Instead, the house is spic and span, I got my smog check done, I went clothes shopping (which I hate, by the way) and the clutter in the closets are slowly getting organized and donated. Not to mention, I actually have time to study and do homework.

True, I’m still a little depressed without my tech job. This time around (without a job), instead of pining away, I actually enjoy being a dishrag. It’s also making me ponder the…dun-dun-DUN… next step. That’s right! Starting a family.

I must be going stir-crazy.

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