Bye, Bye Petsitter

September 22, 2005

We got a letter from our petsitter today; she’s closing her business. 🙁 I’m really bummed about it, because she was a really good petsitter. Celeste and Kanji were very comfortable with her and she always left progress reports.

She also knew pet CPR and how to give shots and medicine. I didn’t worry one minute knowing that she was taking care of Kanji when he got sick the day before we left on our 2nd Anniversary cruise last year.

Fooey. It’s going to be tough to replace her, but I’m hoping to get a reference from her tomorrow. If not, I guess I better start making some calls.

On another note, my mother (whom I’m very close with) and I are going to be marching in the Mass March & Rally this Saturday in Los Angeles city. I will most certainly take my camera and hopefully get my Gallery2 installation working by the end of this weekend to post the pics!

Erm, that is, after I get my homework done… (suure)

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