Boring-Ass Day

September 20, 2005

I forgot how boring sitting on your ass all day is. This is the first time in several months that I can remember sitting at home during a weekday.

I miss my job. I think the real reason is I miss it so much is because it gave me a purpose. I went to work everyday and helped sick kitties get better. Sure, I will be looking for another job.. soon, but first I need to update my resume. And just the thought of that sends me into procrastination hissy-fits.

Ah well, maybe I will take this free time to fix up this craptastic place I call a website. I sorta miss my old site, but only before I realise that it doesn’t express “me” anymore. Then I get over it.

In local, Los Angeles news, what the heck is with the thunderstorms so loud that the thunder shakes the entire house and set off car alarms all over the place? Freakish.

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