September 17, 2005

Today was very chill. The day consisted of surfing the web, then running a few errands. After that Kevin and I went to Acapulco and I ordered the veggie fajitas and a house margarita on the rocks. I ended up having another one before we left.

I didn’t want to lose the wonderful buzz, so we stopped at Trader Joes and picked up some Jose Cuervo Premium. While in line to pay, I grabbed a box of Jelly Belly’s. Upon seeing the tequila and jelly beans, the guy behind the register, mused “Hmm, tequila and jelly beans.. that’s weiiird. But, I’m not going to say anything.”

Then he asked us if we were making margaritas and I just shook my head. The man behind us in line spoke up with, “They’re straight shooters, don’t you know?”

Yeah, what he said!

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